2010 CPAP Masks and Products

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Published: 09th November 2010
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CPAP mask or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure masks, are widely used by persons troubled by sleep apnea. It is part of the CPAP machine used in positive airway therapy. The idea would be to sleep with a CPAP mask on. Pressurized air is then pumped on the breathing passages to prevent blockage inside the throat. Most sufferers find this nighttime regime very bothersome. That's the reason companies endeavor to improve their products continually. They strive to make the CPAP masks more comfortable for the wearer.

Because of this continuing innovation, sleep apnea patients should also be kept up to date with new items being released. Here are several of the CPAP mask products introduced this season. All claim to ensure better sleep experience and comfort.

Some CPAP masks and merchandise this 2010

1)The Weinmann NP15 is a nasal pillow mask. It is developed by one of the leading German manufacturers of homecare sleep devices. Their promotional thrust is that the NP15 offers the most silent sleep experience. With a noise level of only 15 decibels (db), it is relatively the lowest when compared to other goods. To give you an understanding on the subject of noise levels, a CPAP machine’s noise level will probably be between 28-32 db. Severe snorers may get to around 90 db or higher. In addition to being among the quietest of its kind, the NP15 cpap mask comes with a flexible anchoring option and tube guidance. It is generally hard to move around with a cpap mask on. This option allows for the individual to adjust the tube over the head while the mask keeps firmly in place. (Source : Medgadget)

2)Wearing cpap masks don't have to be dull or boring. Women who suffer from sleep apnea like to use the SleepWeaver all cloth cpap mask. This is all because of the many different fashionable designs you can select from. This year, SleepWeaver brought out two latest designs for their cpap masks – the camouflage and leopard prints. (Source : Seopressreleases)

3)Simple Step is a safe and non-alcohol based disinfectant substance for CPAP masks and other surfaces. This product was distributed early this year by a US company in Dallas. Simple Step is a multi-purpose cleaner that is odor free. It cleans and sanitizes without affecting the quality of the plastic or silicone. Some products are actually alcohol based, making it too strong on plastic materials and silicone and leaves a strong smell after cleaning up. Other citrus-based products can clean safely and effectively but doesn't disinfect and sanitize. Simple Step rids your CPAP masks of fungus, bacteria and molds. (Source : Earthtimes.org)

4)ResMed continues to improve their CPAP masks with the new Quattro FX, a smaller option to the full face mask. ResMed is a leading manufacturer, distributor and developer of health care sleep equipments. The Quattro FX is an addition to their wide selection of Quattro products. Because Quattro FX is smaller, it gives you more comfort and unrestricted view, giving the user a clearer line of sight. It also has a contoured crown strap situated at the top of the head. (Source : Prnewswire)

The list could continue on but the rest is up to you to research. If you're a CPAP user, it can benefit you to be aware of the different choices you have on CPAP masks. You'll have more buying power. It will likewise help you stay current on what you could need to make your therapy more efficient.


Ken has a background in owning and running a small business focused IT service firm. His passion is to help others that suffer from sleep disorders, including sleep apnea which he also suffers from. He provides free information about sleep apnea on his website Sleep Apnea Revealed.

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